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      Absolute Strength is a ‘fitness” driven company with the mission of inspiring individuals to pursue their goals and to discover their passion or purpose through the use of positive-motivating words and images.

      We believe an individual needs Absolute Strength (a combination of physical, mental and spiritual strength), as their foundation for achieving any goal they have set for themselves.  These strengths combined are known as the (Three Elements)!  

      Of the Three Elements, we consider “Physical Strength” (health of one’s body) to be the main pillar.  An individual obtains physical strength by consistently working on their level of fitness; the confidence and positive energy generated by feeling healthy and looking better become the catalyst for an increase in both mental and spiritual strength.  

      Absolute Strength will convey its message and motivate the public through our clothing and content relevant to the Three Elements.  

                   Kenneth Fitzgerald, Founder and President